An Informal Biography of an Activist

This web site contains the complete unpublished manuscript of, "Louise Bryant - An Informal Biography of an Activist" by William M. Greene. It was written during the 1970's by Mr. Greene and was used in part by Warren Beatty for historical information in the making of the Academy Award winning movie, "Reds" starring Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

It was always Mr. Greene's dream that the book be published and that did not happen during his lifetime. It would be unfortunate if years of research and hard work were to be lost to us forever and therefore the work is presented here in its entirety.

It is hoped that historical events and information contained herein may be of value to those conducting research on the Russian Revolution and the early labor movement in the United States.

In addition, "Louise Bryant - An Informal Biography of an Activist" is a fascinating look into the life of a woman, from a family of very little means, who touched the lives of people that were major players in the events which were shaping the world in the early part of the Twentieth Century.

Please do not use this material for re-publication or personal gain. It is given in the spirit of generosity. This web site is dedicated to my father, Bill Greene.

Kirby Benson, September 19th, 2004.

Louise Bryant - An Informal Biography of an Activist